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My Peeps Pushed Me

October 16, 2012

Hello, Blogosphere! I have arrived. Actually, I’ve been here for a while, stalking reading other blogs, but when it comes to trying new things, I am by nature freakishly terrified a little cautious.

Before I venture into ANY unknown, I research it to death. I over-analyze the ins & outs, up & downs, pros & cons, risks & rewards, bells & whistles, rules & regulations, cats & dogs…you get the picture.


Today, I’m making a change. Today I shall start before I quit. Oh, I’ve done the research. I’ve spent countless hours reading blogs and reading blogs ABOUT blogging. I even bought Blogging for Dummies because clear, detailed, written instructions soothe me. Don’t judge. I only read half of the book. If I’d read the whole book, you could totally judge.

Now, I can’t take full credit for this giant leap. I’m still a chicken, but I’m crossing the road to “JUST DO IT” because of a few special people:

  • Nike: Just kidding. They don’t even know me.
  • Tim Erb: That’s my husband. He thinks I’m smart and he laughs at my jokes. He encourages and supports me without complaint, even if it means the house is a wreck and he has no clean socks. Even if I ask him to pick up something for dinner on his way home. Four nights in a row.
  • Pamela Fagan Hutchins: Published author of seven non-fiction books and a soon-to-be-released novel, recipient of numerous writing awards, blogger, and achiever of too many things to list here. She accomplishes more in an hour than most people do in a week. (I think she has some magical power to multiply her time that she hasn’t shared with us mere mortals…just a theory). I am honored to say she refers to me as her friend. For the last couple of years or so she has taken time in the midst of making the rest of us look bad her mind-boggling, over-achieving schedule to encourage me to write, hold me accountable when needed, and honestly critique. She provides clear, detailed suggestions, and we’ve already covered what that does for me. Pamela is the reason I completed the NanoWrimo competition two years in a row. She did more than inspire me; she challenged me. To finish something, one must first start. Pamela challenged me to start.
  • Stephanie Swindell: She is an old friend that gives me more credit than I deserve and believes I’m a better person than I probably am. When we reconnected a few months ago, she brought a hammer and chisel to the table to start chipping away at the wall I tend to keep between myself and the world. She doesn’t encourage me to get out of my comfort zone; she DRAGS me out of it.
  • Robin McFarland: While Tim, Pamela, and Stephanie have all spent some real time and effort pushing me forward, my sister is to blame for the deciding shove. Because shoving me along is more a sister’s style than gently pushing. She recently texted me this:

My Peeps Pushed Me

For some reason this one little text was just what I needed. I struggle with depression sometimes, and lately it has seemed unshakable. When Robin sent that to me, I decided being depressed will never lead to happiness.

Huge revelation, I know.

What I mean is this: In my experience, conquering depression isn’t as easy as just deciding to NOT be depressed. Been there, failed that. But that’s a topic for another day. I may not be able to will the depression away, but I can choose things that make me happy. Writing makes me happy.

The main purpose of this blog is to get myself into the habit of writing. My goal is to write daily. Because I will need things to write about, a side effect of this blog might be that I overcome procrastination in more areas of my life than just writing. I’ve already decided to blog about things I’ve procrastinated on. If I put myself out there for the world to see, I have accountability.



Now you know a little bit about why I am here and, more importantly, who to blame if this blog sucks: Tim, Pamela, Stephanie and Robin. Go ahead, blame Nike, too. To be fair, these are the people I will blame if it’s a smashing success, as well.

Stay tuned for my next post and find out who’s to blame for the title of this blog.

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  1. I BELIEVE IN YOU .I am glad you are doing this

  2. Yay Rhomda! "today I will start before I quit!" <– YES!!!

  3. Way to get'r done! You will be a great! Let the blogging begin….

  4. I'm so glad that you are doing things and have decided to do things that make you happy. I can't wait to read your next blog. Reading this has inspired me to do more things that I love to do to make me happy. You prove that it is never too late.Good Job mom…I love you

    • Well, I’m glad it inspired you, because I definitely want you to be happy. Maybe the week I spent getting this blog ready wasn’t a waste(haha). I love you, too!

  5. Rhonda,Wow, that was a REALLY good post! Seriously, now you have to worry about not slumping with the follow-up! Kidding, But serious about the post.I love love love love the "be someone that makes you happy" and that it inspired you. Those are definitely words to live by.There is no doubt that in your writing (Pamela has shared some of it with me (not all dont worry) 🙂 ) you really do have something to say and you have the ability to do it in way that people WILL enjoy.It is a very cool step you have taken.

    • Wow, that was a REALLY good comment! And it’s true about not slumping, even if you WERE kidding! ha! Eric, you are so supportive and such an encourager! Spell check says encourager is not a word…well if it isn’t, Webster should add it to the dictionary with a picture of you as the definition. Thank you so much for taking time to not only read my blog but comment on it, too. Your words mean a lot, especially considering you’re used to the writings of your talented wife! You have both been such an encouragement and inspiration to me. BTW, after such a great comment, you’ll now have to worry about not slumping in your future comments. 🙂

  6. I'm SO glad you FINALLY got something going of your own that I KNOW you will love doing…and your audience will LOVE reading. You are hilarious…I know you always make me laugh, so giving joy to others, you will reap joy of your own! If you stop, I will kick you! You really are an Editor by nature, I know this everyone because she has been editing ME all my life…in writing & on a daily basis…always there to tell people "well, what she really means is…"…UGH!! God knew I would need you, but He also knew the world would need you & He gifted you not with just writing & editing skills, but the gift of making people laugh. The Bible straight up says laughter is the BEST medicine! He empowered you to heal people & you don't even get that yet. Please continue in this journey & I know you will be so blessed by all the lives you touch! Then depression will completely lose its place in your own life. The power is already in you sister, I am so proud of you for reaching in there & tapping into yourself & letting that light in you out for others to enjoy & be blessed by. I will always be a fan. And I will always, whether on purpose or not, be there to gently shove you when you think you can't move forward…because I know you can & I know you need to! And thanks for making me an honorable mention in your first blog, I feel special!! I love you!!

    • There you have it, folks, she not only shoves me, now she’s threatening to kick me. Seriously, thank you for your encouragement. It really touches my heart. I’m glad you’ll always be a fan, because you might get a LOT of honorable mentions. ha ha…You do give me a lot of material. ) Love you! 🙂

  7. Awesome! Love the idea of doing things that make us happy and not quitting before we start. Considering how many ways I am just like you, I think this is good advice for me too!

    • Yes, you are like me in many ways (sorry). You are a better version, though, sweet daughter of mine. You are an inspiration and encouragement to me in so many ways, I guess because you “get” me!

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