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January 30, 2013

The prompt said:

Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe). What did you grab?

I’m going to say this happens during the day when I’m fully dressed so I don’t have to count a bra as the first item I’d grab. I can’t imagine running out in the middle of the night without grabbing my bra. Who knows how long it would be before I could get one? Even a few hours is too long when outside the privacy of my own home. ūüôā

All of our stuff is just stuff. Stuff can be replaced. I would grab things that cannot be be replaced, no matter how much the insurance pays. We probably have more than five items I’d like to grab, but I gave myself a only a couple of minutes to pick five things to make this more realistic.

1.  My kids are well trained that the most important item to be grabbed on the way out is this black case:

hard drive case

It contains my external hard drive.  It contains MOST of our photos.  Doing this prompt reminded me that I need to back up the pictures still on my computer and scan all of my pre-digital age photos.

2. ¬†Next I’d grab this jewelry box that my Grandpa made for me when I was around ten years old. ¬†It’s pretty simple and plain, but I’ve cherished it for over thirty-five years. ¬†It holds a few items that are also sentimental to me, like Tyler’s baby ring, some other jewelry with heart strings attached, a poem written by my husband listing¬†things he likes about me, etc. ¬†I thought this might be cheating, but if my house caught on fire I wouldn’t empty the jewelry box before I grabbed it.

3. ¬†The next two items might seem silly, but I love them and money couldn’t replace them. They are items made by my kids. First is a self-portrait Tyler (my oldest son) did in his¬†high school art class. ¬†I’ve had it framed and on the wall ever since. ¬†As you can see it doesn’t really go with the colors in my house, but I love it anyway. SIDE NOTE: ¬†That white spot on his nose is from the flash; he didn’t paint it that way. :o)
4. ¬†The next item is a ceramic dish my daughter, Whitney, made her first semester away at college. ¬†I’ve always told my kids if they make anything in art class, Mom gets it!¬†Just because they are grown up doesn’t mean I’ve lost my¬†sentimentality¬†about these things. ¬†I keep this on my desk with paper clips and odds and ends that typically end up¬†there.
5. Out of practicality, I might grab my purse. ¬†I’m not particularly attached to my purse or anything in it, but it does contain things that would make starting over a bit easier,
like my cell phone, my wallet (and all the cards, ids, and cash therein), my reading glasses, and if I’m lucky my car keys will be in there, too.¬† All of these things can be¬†replaced, but it would be a big hassle.

And who needs that kind of hassle after their house just burned down?

There might be items I’d deem more valuable than these, but in a couple minutes of quick thinking, these are the things I chose. ¬†Doing this post has really got me thinking about getting all the important stuff all¬†together¬†in one spot that is easily accessible, though. ¬†I see some cleaning out and rearranging in the near future!

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  1. Whitney Cox permalink

    I dont have too many valuables so I would grab as large of a section of clothes out of my closet as I could! Lol

    • hahahaha! Why doesn’t that surprise me? I do know of two rings you’d better be grabbin’ (assuming you weren’t wearing them!)

    • And go, Whitney, commenting two days in a row!

  2. #6: Hear / See / Speak No Evil

    • I have to say, Darren, I don’t understand your comment. ūüôā

    • omigosh! I just got it! hahahahaha ! You’re right. Unless you still have that picture to be reprinted somewhere, I’m totally going to have to rethink my exit strategy. And I definitely need to scan and save a digital copy. I want to keep that bad boy FOREVER!

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