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Things I Tell Myself

January 30, 2013

Many, many moons ago, my husband and I started a dinner-table tradition with our five kids. We call it “Highs & Lows”.  Taking turns, each person tells what their “high” and “low” was for the day.  The “high” would obviously be the best thing about the day and the “low” would be the worst.

There was usually at least one child groaning about having to share Highs & Lows, and sometimes as many as four children. It was never all five of them belly-achin’, because Christopher LOVED doing Highs & Lows.

In fact, he was usually the one to bring it up.  He always wanted to take his turn last, and he never mastered the art of narrowing down his highs or lows to just one thing.  The fact that he’s my second-most talkative child probably has something to do with it.  But that was okay. The whole purpose of this activity was to foster communication.  If he wanted to share how he felt about everything that happened on any given day, that was more than okay with me.

Courtney, my least talkative child, LOVED to say that her “low” was having to do Highs & Lows.  This was a little unsettling for me at first.

{If any of my kids didn’t absolutely love a family sharing session, how could we be a perfect family?}

My fears of parental failure lessened as I began to notice that most days Courtney had a hard time coming up with a “low”. That translated to me that Courtney was a happy girl with a positive outlook. Maybe she didn’t really hate Highs & Lows; maybe that was just all she could think of as her “low”.

That’s what I like to tell myself, anyway.

I also like to tell myself that my kids were only joking when they said, “When we have kids, we aren’t making them do Highs & Lows.” (Yes, I’m making a face.)

I also like to tell them that I will make sure their kids know all about Highs & Lows.

As all of our lives have gotten busier, we are rarely all at a table together anymore.  We still share Highs & Lows sometimes if we think of it, even if there are only two or three of us present.

I miss it. I miss having my family all together at the table. I miss forcing encouraging my kids to tell me about their days.

So, I’m incorporating Highs & Lows into this blog. Not that I think my kids are going to jump on the blog bandwagon and share their Highs & Lows. (But I wouldn’t hate it if they did!)

My reason is less noble.  I’m signing up for the WordPress Post A Day 2013 Challenge.  That means I have to post something every day.

That’s a big leap for me.  I started this blog in October and this is only my seventh post. I have exactly eight people “following” this blog. Yep, I’ve hit the big time, folks.

If you’ve read my previous posts, you have an idea why my posts are infrequent. I’m using the Post A Day challenge to challenge myself.  To make this happen, I will have to overcome things within myself as well as the external DIZZY STIR that is my life.

Sharing Highs & Lows is my back-up plan. Every day that I can’t get the blogging juices flowing, or I’m running short on time, I will at the very least share my Highs & Lows.  I might enjoy it so much I share them even on days I manage to post something else.

You’re hanging on the edge of your seat in anticipation, aren’t you?

What I would enjoy even more is if you would share your Highs & Lows with me in the comments at the end of each post.  It would definitely rate as a “High” for me.

My High today: Probably that I joined the Post A Day Challenge, ‘cause seriously, I must’ve been high!

***Can you feel the panic?!?!?***

Okay, My real High is that I had a productive day that had more ups than downs.  I feel like Christopher and Courtney all rolled into one, because I want to share ALL my highs, and I’ll have to think for a minute about the low.

Wait for it….

Okay, I’ve got it.

My Low today:  I just glanced at my word count.  This is another long post. *Sigh* 

AND it’s past midnight (a LOT past midnight) so it’s now tomorrow, and I haven’t finished this yet. *Head hanging in shame*

Oh, well. I’ll try again tomorrow (which is really later today), and I’ll accomplish one of my favorite things — killing two birds with one stone. Posting my Highs & Lows will help me post daily AND with fewer words.

That’s what I like to tell myself, anyway.

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  1. treymc44 permalink

    Love this! I’m glad you are challenging yourself to post daily! Aaaaaaannd I’ll post a high and low, high would be learning to drive a stick shift, low would probably be having to do math. I hate math and always will! Can’t wait to read what’s next!

    • Thanks for the high and low response! Congrats on the stick shift thing, and sorry about the math. It’s a necessary evil!

  2. Love it. Now I may not comment every day, but that doesn’t mean I’m not reading. Go Rhonda!

  3. My low is that I have to be away from my family. My high is that I have a wonderful family to go home to.

  4. Oh, this one will be easy for me today. I just posted a post on this! My low is that my little Yorkie-Poo jumped out of the car while I was driving today. My high is that she was unharmed. Thanks for the visit and the following, Rhonda, this led me to yours and now I am also your follower!

    • P.S. I like your Dizzy Stir picture. Looks like something that would happen to me, a perfect job at something than a spill. Blessings!

      • Thank you, my son designed that for me. He did another one with a coffee stain, which fits me as well as this one. Blessings to you, as well!

    • Oh my goodness, did you have a mini-heart attack? I almost did when I read that! I’m so glad your little Yorkie-Poo is ok.
      Thanks for reading and following. This is so fun, I actually have people I’ve never met reading my stuff, now! 🙂 I’m “meeting” some really nice people, too.

      • Yep, mini-heart attack for sure. Yes, I enjoy blogging as well. It makes each of our worlds just a little bit smaller and more personal.

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