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Game Over!

March 28, 2013

I just want you to know it’s really over this time.

There will be no cooling off period. No time-outs. I’m quitting you for good, cold turkey.

It’s not you, it’s me.

No, it’s really you. In the last few weeks I have been a loyal friend. I’ve introduced you to friends and loved ones.  Eventually all but Whitney turned away from your constant demands for attention.

Because Whitney will only allow you into her life a few minutes at a time, I’ve spent countless hours keeping you company. Just you and me in practice. I’ve been loyal.

But at what cost? You’ve given nothing back but sleep deprivation, headaches, and a constantly depleted phone battery.

Oh sure, you always call me and say it will only take two minutes. Then a couple minutes more. Pretty soon hours have passed that I can never get back.

You will never give that back to me because you are a TAKER.

Oh sure, you’ve placated me and strung me along with a few “achievement awards” for good performance, but you’ve dangled even more in front of me that you know I can never achieve short of spending every minute of my life serving you.

Ruzzle stats

It’s time for you to go.

I refuse to let you keep me from reading or writing anymore. I will no longer choose hanging out with you over tackling my to-do list. I will no longer put real people on hold until you say my time with you is up. I will no longer hang out with you when I should be sleeping.

It’s true — beating my high score with you is a rush; but it only lasts a moment. No sooner have I beat my record than you are taunting me to do better. You make me feel like a loser, and I spend hours trying to gain your approval. It’s exhausting.

You need to know I am moving on. I’m returning to my first love: MY LIFE.

Don’t roll your eyes. I won’t take you back this time. I know I’ve tried to get rid of you before and I always take you back.

This time I mean it. The side effects of our toxic relationship aren’t worth it.

I’m kicking you out, RUZZLE.




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  1. Kensi Kempf permalink

    Hahahaha you are such a goober

  2. Whitney Cox permalink

    Hahahaha! That is hilarious! You really are a gifted writer. I think this is a great idea and I wish you good luck with the temptation and regret that may come along with your decision.

    • Oh, there will definitely be moments of regret. When other people play and I want to play, too. I’ll have to have a back up plan. Like a good book. 🙂

  3. Lol, be strong,

  4. valzho permalink

    Good timing; Ruzzle just came out for Windows Phone today. Maybe I should try it out?

    • Well, don’t say you haven’t been warned! I don’t know if you have a weakness in the game addiction area or not, and word games may or may not fall into that category for you. But words games are a definite weakness for me. One of my guilty pleasures, if you will. 🙂 Just knowing you are considering trying it tempts me to challenge you to a game. But since I’ve publicly broken up with Ruzzle, I must be strong and stick to my resolve. 🙂

  5. Lol, this is so funny! You know you might break up with this one but another one will come along and sweep you off your feet.

    • I’d like to argue, but I know you’re right. You’ve been there through Sudoku, Spider Solitaire (which I haven’t deleted because Ruzzle swept me off my feet without warning while I was still involved with SS), and Ruzzle. I have a plan though. (See my response to Pamela’s comment). 🙂

  6. maggid permalink

    Happy AtoZ Day One!!!
    Hope everything is Good in your world,

    • Thank you! I am still trying to get it set up and figured out, but looking forward to the challenge! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. treymc44 permalink

    Glad you have over come your addiction!! Lol now you will get many hours back!! Lol (back to write many blogs) lol:-P

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