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New Challenge

April 1, 2013

If you look over to the right of this post you’ll see that the Post-A-Day Challenge widget is no longer there.  I joined that challenge to motivate myself to write more often and more consistently.

It worked at first. Then life got in the way. A couple of days ago I removed myself from that challenge. I didn’t even come CLOSE to posting daily.

Now there’s a new challenge.  It’s still daily, but only for the month of April. AND we get Sundays off for good behavior, so it’ s really only twenty-six posts I have to write for the month. Besides, I can’t resist a challenge.

I know what you’re thinking.  If I couldn’t post daily in January, February, or March, why should I think I can pull it off in April?

Well, one can hope.  One difference in this challenge that might help me succeed is that I have to stick to the parameters of the challenge, which narrows down what I can write about just a little.  In the other challenge I could write about anything, as long as it was daily.  The hardest part of writing for me is getting started. I think it will be easier to get started with guidelines to follow.

Or so I like to tell myself.

The new challenge is this the A to Z Challenge.  This challenge was started by Arlee Bird over at Tossing It Out.  It is basically 26 posts in the month of April corresponding chronologically with the 26 letters of the alphabet.


The challenge has been going on since 2010, but this is my first time to join in the fun. I am blogger #1,819 on a list of 1,968.  That says something about how popular this challenge is.

I’d also like to point out that even though I just discovered this challenge this morning and impulsively decided to participate, there are exactly 149 people that signed up later than I did. So maybe I’m not the only one flying by the seat of my pants.

Many of the participants have already planned and even pre-written their posts.  I applaud them.  I aspire to be that efficient someday.

But for now, flying by the seat of my pants is how I roll.

My posts might be more like A to DIZZY, but you probably already knew that!

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  1. Good luck with the rest of the alphabet I hope you have fun!

    • Thank you, and thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! Good luck and fun to you as well!

  2. treymc44 permalink

    You can do it! Have fun with it!

  3. Suzy permalink

    I am blogger 1961, so don’t feel so bad! Great blog. Thanks.

    • Awesome! Thanks for reading and taking time to comment. Good luck with the challenge!

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