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Buyer’s Remorse

April 3, 2013


Buyer’s Remorse. I’ve been experiencing that a little too much, lately.  It hasn’t really been a frequent problem as much as it is an expensive problem.

First, I hate my living room furniture. I love it, but I hate it. I bought it in October of 2011 when my daughter got married.  I gave her my old furniture for her new home.  We got a beautiful leather sectional with a giant ottoman in the middle. It looks really nice.

But after sitting on it barely long enough to get through one movie, my back is killing me.  So, I sweet-talked my husband into letting me give it to my daughter (again) in a few months when they find their new house.  And then I’ll get something that doesn’t kill my back.

His response? “You’re killin’ me.”

But then he said yes. 🙂

But now there’s another problem.  I’ll probably just live with this one, but it’s a daily irritation.

It’s my new washing machine.  If you read my post, “Keepin’ It Dizzy,” you know that back in November I had both a broken dishwasher and broken washing machine.  Of course both appliances called it quits when Tim, my husband, was working out of town.

I’ve gotten pretty used to learning to fix things myself or pay someone when I can’t. But this time I knew the time had come for new appliances, and I’m not confident enough in my handyman abilities to install a dishwasher.

So, I just did without the dishwasher for a while (it died first).  When the washing machine crawled onto its own deathbed, it just so happened to be a day or so before Tim was to be home for the weekend.  We discussed the situation and decided I would go pick out and buy new appliances and bring them home for him to install over the weekend.

So I ran to Sears and picked out a washing machine first. I rushed through the process because I already knew (or so I thought) what I was going to buy.

Oh sure, I lingered by these big, beautiful bad-boys for a while:


(I’m not sold on the popular front-loader washing machines.) But at $2,399 for the pair, I decided they’d need to do more than wash and dry my laundry. They’d need to sort, fold, and put away the laundry as well. And then scrub the toilets and mop the floors.

So, I bought a more cost-effective washing machine, the one that matches the cost-effective dryer I bought a few months before.  I just found my dryer and told the salesman I wanted the washing machine that went with it.  Nothing fancy. Just a good Kenmore washing machine.

He directed me to a “better” washing machine that also matched my dryer:

Washing machine

He pointed out that it was High Efficiency. In my rushed thinking that registered as energy-saving. Oh, good!

Then he pointed out that there was no agitator, so it would not be as hard on clothing. Second good point. Sold! (I was already thinking ahead to the dishwasher I still needed to pick out before closing time.)

Skip ahead  to a few days after the appliances were purchased, taken home, and installed by my dear hubby on his only days off.

It was only then that I discovered a crucial bit of information about this “better” washing machine:

high efficiency

See where it says “High Efficiency”?  That part I got. Energy saving, remember?

But look just below that. That’s the part I missed and don’t remember the salesman mentioning.


Say what?

As I read through the owner’s manual (I’m weird like that), I gasped at the illustration of  clothes participating in LOW WATER WASH TECHNOLOGY. Some of the clothing was ABOVE the water line.

Again: Say WHAT??  Clearly only the part of the clothing BENEATH the water line would come out clean. It’s not rocket science, right?

The caption below this horrifying illustration says:

IMPORTANT: You will not see a washer basket full of water as with your past agitator-style washer. {WHY THE H-E-DOUBLE-HOCKEY-STICKS NOT??!!}  It is normal for some of the load to be above the water line.”

Normal?  Washing one sleeve in water and the other in air is normal?

Oh, this did not set well with me, and still doesn’t.  I don’t see how clothes can really get clean if not fully immersed in water.  I ranted that I’d have to load the washing machine with all the armpits and crotches of our garments on the bottom.

The first thing I wanted to do was run a load through this highfalutin machine with the lid open to see just how much of my dirty laundry would be aired. Aired as in NO WATER TOUCHING IT.

But nooooooo! That HIGH EFFICIENCY washing machine won’t do a blessed thing with the lid open.

Why is it necessary to lock the darn lids?  I’m a grown woman with a brain and I have enough sense not to stick my hand or any other body part in the tub when it’s spinning.  I can understand why someone with small children would want a lid that locks. But that should be an OPTION, not a built in constraint.

On my last machine, the lid locked as well, but my dear husband rigged it where I could have the lid open without stopping the machine. Even on the spin cycle.

It was very handy when the washing machine started getting a little icky-looking from lint and dripped detergent. I could just grab a rag, wet it in the running water as the washing machine filled, and wipe down the appliances. I could rinse my rag as many times as needed to get all the gunk cleaned up.

But this new steel trap of a machine wouldn’t be rigged, no matter how hard we tried. Now I have to run back and forth to the kitchen because my new “improved” washing machine refuses to budge until her lid is locked.

High Efficiency my foot.  It’s not efficient that I have to inspect every single piece of laundry that comes out of the dryer to make sure it’s clean. This includes sniffing for smelly spots.

I’m sure my kids think I’ve lost it when they see me smelling the laundry, piece by piece. I can’t help it. I still don’t buy that the laundry gets clean without being fully immersed in water.

But I’m living with it. Not happily, yet, but I’m working on it.

If you run into me and you smell something funny, it’s not me. It’s my clothes.  Because I do shower and my shower lets me use as much water as I want. 🙂

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  1. treymc44 permalink

    Hahahahahahhahahaha this made me laugh so hard!!!! I can just imagine you smelling the clothes! This is why they make the front loaders! Lol 🙂

    • I’ve watched a front loader in action, though. Wait, now I can’t remember why I didn’t think I’d like them…..
      Getting old is FANTASTIC!

  2. Rhonda, front loaders are the way to go.

    Delightful post. I thoroughly enjoy your writing. And thank you for you kind words about my “Anticipation” post yesterday. I’ve only just started blogging for the first time ever two days ago. This A to Z Challenge is my baptism by fire but I’m learning a lot about blogging. Most of it the hard way. But your kind words are the kind of encouragement I need to keep going. So thank you again.

    • Thank you so much, Michael!

      I’m pretty new to blogging, too, but it seems if you’re gonna be “baptized”, a challenge is the way to go. I’ve received more likes, followers, and comments in the last couple of days than I have in the months since October when I started this blog. It’s fun!

      Keep writing, you’re good at it! And thanks for stopping by and leaving comments; it helps me keep going, as well. 🙂

  3. Holy cow, maybe we should stick with a long distance relationship, Rhonda. It’s not you, it’s your clothes. 🙂

  4. I linger so much on buying I always have buyer’s anxiety, not remorse, lol.

    Thanks for stopping by my blogger blog yesterday — please include a link to your wordpress blog in your profile. The option is in : My Web Page.

    That way, you’ll be leaving a direct link back to your blog no matter which blogging profile you’re using to comment> More comments and visitors for you!

    • Thank you for the tip! I’ve been having some issues with the commenting because I used to be on blogger so it keeps using that. Someday I’ll get all this down! Thanks so much for pointing that out!

  5. Whitney Cox permalink

    Hahahahah! I pictured you smelling the clothes too. And I feel the exact same way about the HE washers. But Ginger has one with a clear lid so if ya wanna come by and watch my laundry sometime, feel free. Its actually pretty interesting.

  6. I hate to tell you this at this point in your appliance adventure, but the front loading part you didn’t think you would like is the key to the whole high efficiency/low water/no agitator concept. Given that it’s all tipped on the side, the water is coming from all over, so it’s all getting wet…also the reason for the locking lid thing, for which I was quite grateful when I first got the front loading washer because it totally escaped my blondeness that I could no longer open the lid/door while it was filling with water when I found that lone sock I dropped on the way or, hello, the water would spill out on the floor. One more thing, did you get that the high efficiency had to do with soap? You supposedly can’t use regular old soap or you will have too much soap because you don’t have enough water to get all the soap out of your clothes. It really does mean you have to use the detergent that has HE on the label, especially if anyone has sensitive skin…’cause your clothes are full of soap still. Awesome.

    • Ha ha, yes I figured that out (I had to go exchange the non-HE soap I had just bought.) I am currently trying out those little detergent pods since I can no longer stand there cleaning soap drips off of my machine without running back and forth to the kitchen. I’m careful with the soap; unfortunately my kids are not. So I thought I’d try these handy little pods. I’m just as apprehensive about them as I am about the low water wash concept. How can that tiny little bit of soap possibly get all our stuff clean?
      I’m not sure all the new concepts are really all that smart. Maybe I’m just too stuck in my ways! haha

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