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D is for Dizzy. Duh.

April 4, 2013


I’ve already told you how naming  my blog “Dizzy Stir” came about.  If you haven’t read it yet, you can read about it here. It’s a funny story.

But I’m not cheating by using a previous post as my D post.  I can add a couple more D-words that are in step with the Dizzy theme:

DISTRIBUTOR: Before I tell you how many companies I am currently a distributor for and how many I have dabbled with in the past, you must know one thing:  I am without a doubt the WORST salesperson on the planet.

It has little to do with selling ability. At least I don’t think it does; I don’t ever get that far.  Making a profit isn’t usually my primary goal when I sign up.  I become a “distributor” to get wholesale prices on products I like and will use. I go in with the attitude that if I end up making money, it’s just an added bonus.

The problem is I feel guilty making a profit from family and friends. And mere acquaintances. And perfect strangers.

I don’t try to sell. At all. If anyone ASKS me for products, I give it to them at my cost, no matter how many times I tell myself I’m going to stop doing that.  I even have an Aunt who tries to INSIST on paying retail.  I out-insist that she gets it at my cost.

I keep waiting for the day my husband makes me get a job to support all my “money-making opportunities”.  He’s a patient man.

I am currently a DISTRIBUTOR for three companies: Young Living Essential Oils, Mary Kay Cosmetics, and It Works Global.

I sell nada.

In the past I’ve been a distributor for Herbalife, Avon, Arbonne, Enlyten, Advocare, and probably some others I can’t remember. Does anyone remember Amway? Yeah, I did that, too.

Crazy, right? Well, I come by it honestly. You know what my mom says:

That's my Mama.

That’s my Mama.

Too bad I over-do the crazy (Dizzy Stir) more than I over-do actual selling. If it was reversed, I’d be bankin’ it.

Or annoying everyone, I’m not sure which.

DUHI had a “duh” moment this morning in relation to the Essential Oils.

A few months ago I became a distributor of Young Living Essential Oils because I’d read a lot about essential oils and was intrigued.  I wanted to try some out.  Ever the penny-pincher, I decided wholesale prices beat retail prices. Duh. I became a distributor.

But that’s not the “duh” moment I mentioned.  Two or three months ago I ordered a bottle of Thieves household cleaner.  I bought a big plastic spray bottle to dilute the Thieves cleaner in while I waited for the shipment to arrive.

Meanwhile, I perused the oil testimonial website.  I read multiple pieces about using glass containers with the oils because some of the oils can have adverse effects on plastic bottles.  I don’t even remember for sure what the effects are, and they may have even just been talking about water bottles, like the ones we drink out of.  But for whatever reason I got it in my head that I needed a glass squirt bottle to dilute the Thieves cleaner in.

The shipment came in and I set it aside until I could find a glass squirt bottle.  I still haven’t found one, but I kind of keep forgetting to look (always Keepin’ it Dizzy!). That was two or three months ago.

Enter DUH moment:  I have no idea why it hit me before I even opened my eyes this morning, but it did. Maybe I dreamed about it and just don’t remember.  But here it is: The Thieves household cleaner is already in a plastic bottle. Why would I need a glass bottle to dilute it in? DUH.

I’m really not as dumb as I just made myself look.  Apparently I just enjoy Keepin’ it Dizzy. *sigh*

Feel free to share your own DUH moments. It will really make me feel better. 🙂

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  1. I thought your awesome brother, Darren Doyle, might get two post mentions in a row…

    • Hahahaha Somehow I knew you might say that! I’ve been thinking D…Darren Doyle…double D..all day! LOL

  2. Kensi Kempf permalink

    Haha you make me laugh mom, that was kind of a “Robin” moment. ( love you Aunt Robin)! Great post, was picturing you waking up in the morning and sitting up real fast in bed with these big eyes, and the thought popping into your brain. Oh hey do you have peppermint oil with essential oils? I want to buy some from you, and that kind you were telling me about for nyla

    • I have plenty of peppermint oil and can send you some. I think I have the other, too, but if not my monthly order will ship soon and I can add it. I’ll talk to you to see exactly what you’re needing it for. I’ve learned a little since we first discussed this. 🙂
      Keep commenting; Trey is trying to make sure you don’t pass him on number of comments. LOL

  3. Hmm most of my duh moments have to do with forgetting where I put things. I’d share . . . But I can’t remember them.

  4. I call them blonde moments. I have them frequently but then try to block them from my memory. I used to be naturally blonde, but have to have Ms. Clairol’s assistance now. My husband insists the dye fumes are directly related to the frequency.

    • Ditto on all of that. But more and more we are just attributing it to the aging process. I really thought we’d be much, much, older when we started having these kinds of conversations. 🙂

  5. Hahahah this is hilarious!

    • Glad you like it, Trey. You get to witness a lot of “duh” moments in person. 🙂

  6. blogwatig permalink

    I am guilty of both the D’s on your list. Distributorship, I got rid of faster than I took it on. Duh….well, that is a legacy I am gonna leave behind. Liked reading this one.

    Dropping by from A2Z

    • Thank you for reading and commenting! I will go check your blog out! Thanks again!

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