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Eighties Twist

April 6, 2013


This is a little twist on Rascal Flatts’ big hit “Backwards”.  I tried to keep the rhythm as close to the  original as possible, but at 3:30 am I reminded myself that perfection is the enemy of done.  So forgive me if it’s a little off, and just have fun with it!

Eighties Backwards

I was hanging out in a video arcade
In a shopping mall with Blair, Jo, and Tootie
When this Boy Band moon-walked in
And did a break dance right next to me
I could tell they’d been through some Fast Times (at Ridgemont High)
They had Ocean Pacific on their T-shirts
And they said, “Dude, you wanna know what you get
When you play an Eighties song backwards?”

You, like, totally get your Jams back
(STOP! It’s Hamma Time!)
You get your Chia Pet back
You get your parachute pants back
You get your Atari back
You get your big stiff bangs back
Ya get your Grody to the Max Gak
Your stonewashed jeans
Your bodacious Jenny (867-5309)
Your MTV and your giant earrings
Your get The Cars and The Boss, Hall and Oates and Blondie
A day off with Ferris Bueller, honey
It sounds a little crazy, like Gag Me With a Spoon,
But that’s what you get when you play backwards an Eighties tune

Well I never heard it said quite like that
This Girl Just Wants to Have Fun cause Funkytown’s where I’m at
I almost broke out in a Flashdance right there on the floor
Then the Boy Band said, “Wait a minute; that’s not all–there’s even more.”

You get your Michael Jackson glove back
You get your Boom Box back
Your big shoulder pads  back
You get your leg warmers back
You get your slap bracelet  back
You get your Farrah Fawcett poster back
You get your Dynasty, your Knots Landing, and Three’s Company
You get the Twist-a-Beads
And the pink jellies
You go back and get Jessie’s Girl if you please
I said, “I Can’t Go For That, No Can Do
They said, “I’m so sure. That’s what it sounds like When the Doves Cry

And that’s what you get
When you play an Eighties song backwards

We sat there and shot the bull about how most triumphant it would be
If we could turn it all around and change this BOGUS C-R-A-P

You get Pac Man back
You get Spuds Mackenzie back
You get The Cosby Show back
You get your side pony-tail back
You get your hair crimper back
Ya get Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles back
Your Rubik’s Cube
Your Loverboy, too
Your mini skirt and cassette tape player
You get your Ghostbusters and Goonies and Pee Wee Herman
Frogger and Mario Brothers
You get your scrunch socks back
Your Members Only jackets back
Your blue eye shadow back
You get your stirrup pants back
You get your B.F.F. back
You get your Endless Love back
You get your Nestea Plunge, Fruitstripe gum, and a Roller Skating Rink
You get to Wax On and then Wax Off, Grasshoppa
And Walk Like an Egyptian
But Never Put Baby in a Corner

It sounds a little Gnarly, and Majorly absurd
But that’s what you get
When you play an Eighties song backwards!

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  1. treymc44 permalink

    Haha love it! Very cool!

    • Thank you, Trey! It was a last-minute effort to get the “E” post done then it ended up taking me until nearly 4:00 am to finish it. UGH!

  2. Awesome! No, that is me trying to be funny keeping with the 80s theme. That truly is what popped in my head because I am a child of the 80s. This cracks me up because someone recently told the joke about what you get when you play a country song backwards.

    Fun post!

    Come check out my A to Z! Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

    • TOTALLY AWESOME comment! 😉

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I’ll hop on over to your blog, now!

  3. Kensi Kempf permalink

    Haha you’re awesome mom!

  4. Ha ha, so many embarrassing memories.

    • I didn’t know you in the eighties so maybe I need to hear those stories! 🙂

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