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Time Out in Nashville

April 23, 2014



For the A to Z Challenge this year my theme is things to do and see in Nashville. My husband and I are taking a Time Out from the daily grind to celebrate our twentieth wedding anniversary. You can read why we chose Nashville here.

Speaking of time outs, there is one place in Nashville I’d really like to go—the Tennessee State Penitentiary. No, I don’t know any inmates. The prison has been closed since 1992. I don’t have a particular fascination with prisons in general. This one just happens to be a beautiful building, especially considering it used to be a prison. It has some castle-like qualities, and I love castles.

This abandoned prison has been the location for many films, including The Last Castle, Attica, and one of my favorites, The Green Mile. Unfortunately there are no tours because of the condition of the building. I’m really disappointed about that, but maybe I can at least see the outside. I’ve seen a lot of blogs and websites with all kinds of photos of the inside. I wish we’d gone years ago so I could see it for myself.

Another notable building in Nashville is its tallest, known as the Batman Building. This stop will only take a minute or two—long enough to take a picture. Yes, it’s the tallest building in Nashville and has a cute nickname, but it’s just the AT&T building. I have no need to see the inside or get a tour. See for yourself why it’s called the Batman Building:

Next is Music City’s only Hop On-Hop Off trolley tour looks like a good way for a first-timer to get acquainted with the city. This guided tour of Nashville stops at ten major attractions, many of which I’ve posted about, and is led by fun and informative guides. The tour lasts one hour if you don’t get off the trolley. The tickets are $20 and are good for 24 hours.


Two Rivers Park looks like a fun place to go. This place has more recreation to offer than any other park in Nashville. Along with picnic shelters, it has one of the area’s only wave-action swimming pools, complete with slides and a children’s zone. It is also home to a golf course and Nashville’s only skate park. Soon there will also be a disc golf course, which is under construction.

What I’m most interested in at Two Rivers Park is the Two Rivers Mansion. It is one of the earliest and best preserved of the early Italianate houses in Middle Tennessee and was part of an 1100-acre plantation. Today, the mansion is a popular venue for weddings and receptions.

Unfortunately, there are currently no public operating hours for the mansion, so it may be just another I-can-only-see-the-outside venture. Maybe Tim and I can pretend we a looking for a wedding venue and get a tour. 🙂 Pretending isn’t lying, right?


Since this trip to Nashville is supposed to be primarily about Tim and his love of music, I’ll include a destination that has something to do with music. The world-famous Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge is a honky tonk bar in Nashville. Originally called Mom’s, it was renamed after Tootsie Bess bought the bar in 1960 and it was mistakenly painted an orchid color. Willie Nelson, Mel Tillis, Waylon Jennings & Patsy Cline have been patrons. It’s behind the Ryman Auditorium and has two stages—one upstairs and one downstairs— that host live local talent each night.


The music starts at 10:00 a.m. and continues until the bar closes at 3:00 a.m.

It’s starting to look like we’ll see the things I want to see during the day and hit the music venues for Tim at night. I guess we’ll sleep when we get back home. 🙂

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  1. Can we sneak into the prison?

    • I’ve read that some people have. Others say there are guards preventing people from sneaking in. I guess we’ll see when we get there. I really wish we could go in.

  2. Kensi Kempf permalink

    Wow that prison is gorgeous! Weird. You and time could renew your wedding vows at the plantation house. It is your anniversary trip.

    • Yes, it is gorgeous. That particular picture was taken on a cloudy/stormy day, so the mood for the picture was really cool.

  3. That prison looks like a castle! Gorgeous!

    • It IS gorgeous! I can’t wait to see it.
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Whitney Cox permalink

    I would love to see that prison too! It looks gorgeous.

    • I hope we get to go in. It’s really a beautiful building, they should restore it or take care of it so it doesn’t go to waste.

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